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1/2 pool cue bag soft bag billiards supplies accessories, seven holes and nine clubs bag rod barrel

Denim Blue
Denim Black

Notice:The cues and accessories not Included,Just for Show.


  • Classification: Pool cues soft bag
  • Material: High density fabric--Wear-resistant, splash-proof
  • Box size: 1/2 pool cue box
  • Capacity:3 Butt and 4 Shaft
  • Color: Denim Blue /Denim Black
  • Weight:1.9 kg


  • High density fabric·Better performance Not only can it effectively block the sudden splashing of water, but also avoid accidental hooking in use.Protect the club while protecting the pole itself.
  • Large capacity·main compartment The interior space has been redesigned to maximize capacityIt's easy to easily match different clubs. It's as simple as traveling lightly.
  • Outer bag design·Convenient storage Front compartment function bag, 10 seconds access, designed for common small items, simple and convenient, easier to deal with.


  • Denim is a thick,color woven twill cotton fabric with deep color,usually indigo ,shallow weft color ,usually light gray or cooked white yaen .It is also called indigo laboring cloth.
  • Comfortable handbag, hand-held leather handle, high-density fiber inside,easy to carry.
  • Thickened lining, lined with PVC partition, thickened imported pearl cotton protection upgrade.
  • Embroidery logo, exquisite logo embellishment, high grade and atmosphere.
  • Precision stitching, delicate stitching, detailing high quality.