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3 in 1 tip mate tool With A Shaper, Scuffer And A Tips Pick

The Tip Mate is a great little tool that keeps your tip up together especially when out and about.

The Tip Mate tools include:

  • A Scuffer.
The scuffer roughens the surface of the tip to bring it back to life as it starts to compact.
  • Tip picker / aerator
The tip picker / aerator uses it’s small spikes to gently release compacted chalk built up over time. As you release the chalk it helps to improve the quality of grip on the cue ball and bring the feel of the tip back
  • Shaper

The shaping tool is great when you replace a tip as it quickly builds the required shape with very little effort. With it’s domed shape it helps you keep a consistent shape when a replacement tip is required.

The Tip Mate is a great little tool and will fit neatly into your cue case for ongoing maintenance when you want to bring your tip back to life.