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Tackle Tidy Under- Snooker Table Rest Rack


Under-table "Tackle-Tidy"

The Tackle Tidy is a great idea that screws on the underside of your full sized snooker table so that all the snooker table rest's and spare cue extentions are all kept safe and out of eye view and looks much better than leaning up the wall sometimes marking wall paper or scratching paint off the walls.

The snooker table Tackle Tidy is now used in all professional snooker tournaments  and is a great idea for quick use of the snooker rest's spider, swan neck, extended swan neck , or any other spare rest or cue extentions the table might have.

The tackle tidy has a gold / silver / black hard wearing paint that will always look nice and fresh under the table.

Length: 113 CM

Height: 28 CM

2 piece one set (weight:3.15 KG)