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Titanium Ferrules for snooker / pool cues various size With or Without internal threaded


In theory, lighter ferrules made from titanium reduce ‘throw off’ so the player can aim closer to the point of contact on the object ball.

With or Without internal threaded ferrules for Snooker or Pool cue

Material: titanium alloy

Available sizes

8mm,8.3mm,8.5mm,8.75mm,9mm,9.1mm,9.2mm,9.25mm,9.3mm,9.4mm,9.5mm,9.6mm,9.7mm,9.75mm, 9.8 mm , 10mm,10.2mm,10.5mm

The height of the 8mm & 8.5mm ferrules : 6.2 mm
The height of the others size ferrules: 8.2 mm

We can mix the ferrule size and style in your order .just leave a note for the size ,style and quantity when you check out