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4-in-1 pool cue tip tool repair kit - variant size scuffer joint protector, tapper aerator


Multi tools: 4-In-1 tool that shapes, scuffs and pokes the cue tip so it can hold chalk better and helps to avoid miscues. It also acts as joint protectors (Male and Female) to prevent thread damaging and dirt entering.

One end is a scuff with a durable abrasive that is curved enough to accommodate the shape of the cue tip to smooth and sand the tip, the other is a tapper that allows you to customize the shape to apply English. 

Unscrew the two ends you have a tip pick and joint protectors. 

The needle for breaking up the leather fibers allows you to roughen the tip to hold more chalk.

It’s made of solid aluminum material, small but heavy, carries easily in the accessory pocket of your cue case.

Specfication :  Height: 3 inches, Weight: 2.5ounces, Diameter: 0.83 inches

Size :  3/8 x 8   ,  3/8 x 10  ,  3/8 x 11  ,  5/16 x14  ,  5/16 x18

It's for pool cue joint,not for snooker cue joint






Ferrule type:

3/8 X 10