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automatic billiard balls washing machine / ball cleaner free shipping


Supplied in 3 Style : Snooker (22 Balls) / American Pool (16 Balls) / 2 in 1 (Snooker + American Pool ).

Available in accessories : Wool Pad/Snooker Wool Ring/Pool Wool Ring.

Weight: 10.5 KG/12.1 KG

2 Voltage Options: 110V / 220V (  the 110 V is vale $10 USD more.)

Consumptive material like Wool ring/Ball washing liquid/Wool pad need to be purchased additionally.

These accessories are included like Steel brush, Switch, Wrench,  Fuse, Power cord,Wool rings,Wool pad.

This machine is convenient to operate, offering cleaning and maintenance of Billiard balls for club daily working.

Billiard Balls are not included.

Ball washing liquid is not included.

The Wool Ring and Wool pad can be polished by steel brush when getting dirty for long-term use instead of washing in water directly.

If interested in more accessories,please get in touch with us.

 free shipping to AU. US. EU HK CA

Delivery Time:

25-30 days free shipping to US

35-45 days free shipping to AU, EU, CA

7-14 days for express delivery

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