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billiard laser sight device billiard training equipment

      1. Direct vision laser will damage your vision, please do not shine on the human eye.
      2. The cues not included,just for show.            


  • Classification: Billiard Laser Sight Device
  • Function: The main function of this product is billiard position, accuracy training and auxiliary seconds. It can't do the laser to figure out which effect to play.
  • Eliminate visual errors.The left and right eyes produce two different images into the brain, which can cause errors. Laser spotting, clear aiming position, help the practitioner to establish the correct targeting habits and methods.
  • Understand the principle of goals.With the aiming card, different angles, which position to hit the ball, clearer and clearer.
  • Correct the rod action.You can't observe the subtle difference in each shot, but the impact on the ball is different. When the ball is attached to the laser sight, all the slight deviations in your swing are reflected by the laser. Let you see the wrong action that you have previously ignored. By practicing the lever action, the machine is generally accurate, no longer a gambling luck.






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