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black ink paste for filling the ash wood grain

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The black ink paste for ASH cue repair and maintenance,black filled the ash wood grain

 how to use : 

1. clean the dirt on the shaft.
2. apply proper amount of ink paste with dry cotton cloth or paper tissue,wipe the position with wood grain on the shaft repeatedly until the black grian colored.
3. wipe the extra ink paste with dry cotton or paper tissue after 10 minutes.
4. optional operation : if there is darker ink paste on the shaft, can wipe it with 1200-2000 sandpaper to remove the extra floating color.
5. the new colourless cue can be polished to 800-1000, then follow step 2 to step 4.
6. the cue can be used after being dried for several hours.

Available net weight : 30 / 50 gram






Ferrule type:

50 g

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