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CHEVRONS+ WOODS 1 piece handmade ash english pool cue #1010- #1021



A fantastic looking one piece hand spliced ebony cue . ASH shaft and hand spliced ebony butt 

The grain on the CHEVRONS+ cues were made by laser engraving machine. It plays the same as normal cues

optional accessories : case ,mini butt , tele. extension


Cue Tip Weight Length
1010 sold
1011 sold
1012 sold
1013 sold
1014 sold
1015 sold
1016 sold
1017 sold
1018 sold
1019 sold
1020 sold
1021 sold


We've taken pictures  and measure it , so you know exactly what you're getting 

optional accessories : case , mini butt , tele. extension.


Please inform us the cue number and case color when you make payment. 

Case color would ship it on random if without any designation.






Ferrule type:

#1010- #1021

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