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snooker table heater system moisture-proof thermostat

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Snooker are very demanding on the environment. Even the best equipment in a humid environment will have a great impact on the speed and storage of the ball. After installing the moisture-proof thermostat, it can effectively remove the moisture from the table and the ball. Let the ball go faster and more reasonable, and it brings a more comfortable hitting feeling.

These flat heater pads can be installed to maintain the speed of the table and keep moisture away from the cloth.

List of items:

  • Heating pad X 6 PCS
  • Temperature controller
  • Press board X 18 PCS
  • plastic bracket X 36 PCS
  • screws

Suitable for AC 200~240V power supply , 

12 feet table

3.6 A , 800 W






Ferrule type: